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Mirror One

Self Reflection

Observe Your Thoughts

Take A Moment



Positive Affirmations


     Positive affirmations have the potential to increase self-confidence, boost motivation, and improve overall well-being.


Mirror One includes positive statements to help you focus on the positive aspects of life. 


Affirmations help in visualization of goals and aspirations.


Create a more optimistic and empowered outlook on life.

    Your Words, thoughts and beliefs have a powerful impact on your feelings, behaviors, and experiences.


Consistently repeat positive statements to ourselves allows our mind to focus on positive outcomes


Consistently repeat negative statements to ourselves and you will easily focus on negative outcomes.


We have the power to shape our own reality, and that by changing our thoughts, we can change our lives.

Mirror One🪞 Advantages

Imagine all your internal experiences, your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and experiences, are chess pieces on a chessboard. Perhaps all the positive feelings and thoughts are on one side of the board and the negative on the other. 

Maybe, for example, the thoughts "I am a good person" and I am a bad person" are facing off against each other in your internal world. Happiness and sadness battle for position on the board. Memories of success battle against memories of failure. It can be exhausting. 

Now take a moment to notice it all. The good, the bad, the conflict... Often we get caught up in it all and think we ARE the chess pieces themselves. Thats OK and normal. After all, we want the good pieces to beat the bad pieces and "then our problems will be solved." Unfortunately, it is not so easy. As it turns out, the more your struggle and fight, the more the other side fights back. So heres what you can do.

Be the board. Yes, just be the chessboard itself. You are not the pieces but rather the observer of them. You are still in contact with them and can still feel them. But they are not you and do not define you. You are bigger than them and you can just notice them. And as you take this stance of just noticing , you are letting go of struggling with them. So just notice and be the observer of it all. Of your internal wars, of your life unfolding, and see that by doing so, it can change everything.

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